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Interior Heavens is a widely recognized interior design company in Bangladesh. Since 2010, Interior Heavens become the most artistic interior layout firm in Dhaka. As a professional Bangladeshi interior consultancy company, we provide Consultancy, decoration, design add-ons fixtures assist, and so on. We offer offerings inside the form of interior outdoors design.

Hiring a professional interior architectural consultant in Bangladesh is a piece of troublesome and steeply-priced. Isn’t it? We trust you; however, it’s no longer genuine for a professional architect company like Interior Heavens. Interior Heavens is a professional Bangladeshi architectural consultancy firm which is presenting unfastened architectural consultancy, minimalistic interior layout, and ornament offerings as in line with your preference and area. As a Bangladeshi interior design agency, consumer pride is our primary challenge once we calm down in agreement. Therefore, we strive first to recognize our purchaser necessities before heading over to replacing or enhancing the present decoration. We constantly consider an honest deal to make the client glad.

We tend to observe modern and fee-effective architectural work to conquer space and interior decoration issues when you consider that our customers also need us to offer modern-day architectural work inside the finances. In this example, we provide all the services which make us best than other interior firms. As an expert interior ornament organization and architect firm in Bangladesh, We provide the subsequent interior layout and decoration offerings

Interior Heavens is that the top Interior and Exterior Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We offer wide-ranging and complete design services beginning with an initial design concept through installation and detailing of ultimate design rudiments to finish the project.

We are specialized in interior and exterior design for the Residence, Office, Hospital, Bank, Showroom, Pavilion, Outlet, Resort, Eco-Resort, Five -Star Hotel, Fountain, Landscaping, and so on. Our highly talented architects and dedicated designer could touch your dream and that we can make sure that our team can always be relied upon to make outstanding designs proudly.

Interior Heavens isn’t only a reputation but also the leading reliable organization which will turn your imagination into reality by giving true shapes to your dream interior.

Interior Heavens is dedicated to complete all commitments which are formed and never compromise within the case of client satisfaction. The distinct design concept of Interior Heavens’s interior and therefore the procedure of accomplishment of each of its projects have always been the center of its client’s interest and drawn the attention of its potential clients.

Dedication and therefore the ability to cope up with the dynamism of the design world makes Interior Heavens is an ever best interior designing firm in Bangladesh. Interior Heavens is the best designing organization that provide total solutions to space planning and style for showrooms, office, house, and commercial places.

We Have the proper products to suit your needs. Interior Heavens offers 12+ years of interior design Service that you simply can experience directly reception or within the office. Our design experts assist you to decide which products and styles best fit your needs within the colors and lighting of your products. We’ll make your dreams as prettiest as your expectations.

Interior Heavens is the topmost Interior and Exterior Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Interior Heavens is the topmost Interior Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are specialized in interior and exterior design for Residence Interior Design, Office Interior Design, Hospital, Bank, Showroom, Pavilion, Outlet, Resort, Eco-Resort, Five -Star Hotel, Fountain, and Landscaping Interior Design also as Exterior Design.
We are passionate to supply the foremost exclusive interior design services, positively influence the lives of each client and leave an enduring impression on our client’s minds. Our interior design services inspire everyone and elevate both minds and hearts of individuals who explore our projects. Our long-term goal is in line with the core values of our business.

We go one step further to supply an unprecedented interior design service to each client. Our company is synonymous with discretion, integrity, and excellence. Our personnel have a particular code of conduct and understood that luxury is all about craft, perception, and therefore the attractiveness of deeply rooted human desires.

We are a prominent company that serves our clients by minimizing prices, saving time, and also removing the hassles when it involves designing new restaurants or remodeling the old ones. We are the specialized service provider altogether elements of best restaurant design like interior design, architectural plans, equipment supply, industrial facilities, project coordination, building health permits, and lots of more.

Our visualization is to figure with every client that ought to have a leadership design and also thus accomplishing the magnificent concepts, which target a top quality of lifestyle and high standard for our clients. With our distinct interior design concepts, we consistently deliver eco-friendly and world-class finishing within the interior design. We also ensure to deliver the service on a timely basis to our valued clients.

We have 12+ years of experience in Home, office, hospital, etc. Interior design. Our Creative Designers team designs together with your taste, space and budget. Also, our team will properly guide you. We offer only top-quality products to our customers, and our products are WIOC certified.

We offer free consultation on the quality of the interior, space, budget, etc., but all are free. If you would require assistance, please contact our customer service team 24/7.

Our Quality Services are Contain Long Lasting Stability. We Ensure Quality Assurance After Service Period.

About Us

Top interior design company in Bangladesh

Best Interior Design Company in Bangladesh - Interior Heavens

World-class and Exclusively Creative Interior Design Company in Bangladesh

Interior Heavens believes in the power of design, thus create design-savvy interior spaces that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also very functional. We make parallel core values and dynamic use of space in the creating of the best interior design in Dhaka, Bangladesh since 2010. We are dedicated to achieving the highest level of design with a “turn-key” approach through our services offered. Our designers successfully participate in projects from the initial concepts, furniture, and decorative item selections, attractive material selections, structure document creation, budgeting, project coordination – always with precision, professionalism, attention to a feature, excellent customer service, and expert project management skills.

For over 10 years the firm is consistently recognized for its business expertise and its variety of innovative design solutions that impeccably blend functional and esthetic needs.

Our Interior Design Services

We tend to observe modern and fee-effective architectural work to conquer space and interior decoration issues when you consider that our customers also need us to offer modern-day architectural work inside the finances. In this example, we provide all the services which make us best than other interior firms. As an expert interior ornament organization and architect firm in Bangladesh, We provide the subsequent interior layout and decoration offerings.

We assume people to see our client’s evaluations first before they may be being our glad clients. It helps people to rise with a clear idea about our interior design and ornament offerings.

Home Interior

Home interior decoration is our everyday activities. From bedroom to kitchen, portray to lighting. We provide all of the materials you need to enhance your dream home. We've got a group of domestic interior layout professionals, who can flip your house from a regular location to an amazing region

Office Interior

From space size to workplace maintenance, report cupboard to work station. INTERIOR HEAVENS provides all styles of workplace indoors layout and decoration help. We comply with the commercial enterprise model with a wide variety of personnel about office decoration given that ensuring the running environment is an essential problem.

Industrial Interior

As a professional interior design company, We provide all of the business fixtures for enterprise together with college furniture and ornament, health facility furnishings and decoration, IT organization ornament, and so forth

Small Business Decoration

Small corporations along with Showroom, keep, Studio, gym, Salon, splendor Parlor, hotel and restaurant require the unique layout in terms of interior layout since it reflects your logo.

Corporate Interior Design

Company interior decoration is an essential part of the corporate workplace wherein acting so many corporate duties. Therefore, it requires right indoors ornament which includes glass partition, waiting couch, desk, cabinet, and many others.

Custome Furniture

Whether it's far an office or duplex house, custom furniture is an important part of interior ornament in view that custom furniture displays your check and preferences.














Why Choose Us?

  • Our 10 years’ experience has established us as the leaders in the provision of stone products and services.
  • We are dedicated to deliver any scale of project from small residential to large commercial outfits anywhere.
  • Our highly skilled fabricator and installer are prominent for fabricating and installing stonework of your creativeness, without compromising advanced quality.
  • Our pricing is competitive and caters to an extensive range of budgets.
  • Our comprehensive stone library lets you choose from over 150 variations of stone.
  • We love what we do, which translates into exceptional offerings and servicing for you.
  • Commitment to premium quality
  • Inclusive service
  • Family-owned industry
  • To create unique one-off products to precise accuracy.

Why we are the best in the interior design industry!

Innovative Design Concept:

Wherein they arrive at an give up, we start from right there. Our architect and fashion designer extract the hidden layout concept and give it a final shape.

Coordination of work:

We got our call because of the balance of work. We distribute the paintings to our group and continually supervise the growth of labor.

Experts Support:

An expert architect and designer always be just right for you. Wherein the fashion designer will find the pleasant viable solution on the pc display screen until the consumer glad about the design plan.

Smart Production:

We use modern-day generation to develop our manufacturing potential. It allows us to boost up our running process and get sharp and rapid production.

Free Shipment:

No damages or dealy of work. layout and decoration materials should deliver with protection. therefore, INTERIOR HEAVENS provide factory to vacation spot transport assist.

Design Accessories Support:

We were given our name due to A TO Z layout help. In this situation, we import accessories for you. that is how we assist our clients.

Area Of Expertise

Interior Heavens is the best interior design service company in Dhaka. From the space dimension to making plans, design, maintenance, ornament, custom furniture design, layout, production, partition, ceiling, curtain wall, painting, electronics paintings. INTERIOR HEAVENS is quite green in these specific areas.


We give an ideal form to your building. The fine use of each inch of your house is our number one intention when it comes to constructing making plans. Commonly, we bring together all of the information to be had reachable than graphically draw at the computer following client necessities. We remember several factors for building planning, which includes doors and windows arrangement in terms of free transferring. Alternatively, we do not forget privacy, sanitation, durability, simplicity, and versatility.


Whether or not it involves interior layout or outside layout, we carry returned the hidden potentiality of your area. But, we have a collection of interior layout professionals, who can manage all the layout help you want. From the business area indoors layout to the home interior, we can handle it in phrases of design. INTERIOR HEAVENS is the true answer to design. moreover, the exterior layout is the primary impression that reflects your logo. It doesn’t count whether it is outdoors layout for a small domestic or workplace. We cover the entirety you need for an ornamental outside layout.


Interior Heavens is well known due to the perfect turning of existing space. It doesn’t rely on whether or not it's miles all approximately interior or outside reworking. however, renovating or remodeling space is our every day's activities. We provide reworking or restorations of old house services in various paperwork. We do deal with all the complicity or technical problem concerning the complete house or workplace renovations. We do also remodeling unique components of the house, together with kitchen remodels, lavatory remodels, bedrooms, and so on.


Whether it’s all about residential decoration or industrial area. From portray to fixtures. Everything is critical for the decorative design of an office or domestic. Office indoors design along with conference room layout, booth layout, CEO table, reception desk, report cupboard are the exquisite components for the workplace. Making a small workplace large is an issue of time for us because it requires a professional interior designer hand to design a workplace space.


As in line with our patron necessities, we provide architectural work aid. designing, reading, and choice making. In this case, we don't forget safety first with the functionality of the building. We finalize the fabric ought to be used whilst growing the structure. Our experts always offer the proper dimension because it is going an extended way to stay. consequently, we are the first-class architectural representative company in Bangladesh.


We offer loose consultancy as well as supervise the project. Interior Heavens is the main consultancy company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. for the reason that 2010, we're presenting consultancy services for home and office ornament. Alternatively, tracking work increases as in line with the mission trendy is our number one obligation. Furthermore, INTERIOR HEAVENS is a widely recognized interior design corporation in Bangladesh.


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